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Shell Omala S2 GX-100 209 L (1 Drum)

Fives Cincinnati Machine P-76

AGMA EP 9005 – EO2

ISO 12925-1 Type CKD

DIN 51517 – Part 3 CLP

Shell Omala S2 GX-100 209 L (1 Drum)


Shell Omala S2 GX-100

Industrial Gear Oils.

Shell Omala S2 GX oils are high quality extreme-pressure oils designed primarily for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears. Their high load carrying capacity and anti-friction characteristics combine to offer superior performance in gears.

Performance, Features & Benefits

  1. Long oil life – Maintenance saving. Shell Omala S2 GX oils are formulated to resist thermal and chemical breakdown throughout the maintenance interval. They withstand high thermal loading and resist the formation of sludge to provide extended oil life capability, even with bulk oil temperatures of up to 100C in certain applications.
  2. Excellent wear & corrosion protection.  Excellent load carrying capacity reduces gear tooth and bearing wear on steel components. Shell Omala S2 GX has excellent corrosion protection, protecting steel components, even in the presence of contamination by water and solids.
  3. Maintaining system efficiency.  Shell Omala S2 GX oils have excellent water separation properties, such that excess water can be drained easily from lubrication systems to help extend the life of the gears and ensure efficient lubrication of the contact areas. Water can greatly accelerate surface fatigue of gears and bearings as well as promoting ferrous corrosion on internal surfaces. Water contamination should therefore be avoided or removed as quickly as possible after the occurrence.


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