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Shell MySella S5 N-40 209 L (1 Drum)

Shell Mysella S5 N is approved by:

Cummins QSV 81G/91G, QSK 60G

GE Jenbacher Series 2,3, 4 and CAT, Series 6 all versions Fuel Class A and CAT, Series 4 ( from version C) Fuel Class B and C, Series 6 ( from version F) Fuel Class B and C


MAN D&T Medium Speed Engines for Gas Operation

MAN T&B M3271-2

MTU Series 4000 L61, L62, L63, L64 and L32/L33

MTU Onsite Energy Series 400

MWM gas engines – TR 2105

Caterpillar CG132, CG170, CG260 – TR 2105

MAK GCM 34 Category 1

Rolls Royce KG-1, KG-2, KG-3, KG-4, BV-G, CR-G

Perkins 4000 series

Wartsila W 34SG, W 50SG, W 20DF, W 32DF, W 34DF, W 50DF, W25SG, W28SG, W 175SG, W 220SG

Waukesha Cogen and 220 GL (Pipeline Quality Natural Gas)

Shell Mysella S5 N meets Requirement of:

Caterpillar Stationary Gas Engines

Waukesha other gas engine types.


Shell MySella S5 N-40 209 L (1 Drum)


Shell MySella S5 N-40

Long Life, Low Ash Stationary Gas Engine Oil.

Shell Mysella S5 N is a high performance quality oil blended for use in highly-rated, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engines which require a ‘low ash’ oil.

Shell Mysella S5 N satisfies the new generation of stationary gas engines designed to meet the emerging legislation limiting emissions of NOx, and those which employ the latest ‘lean’ or ‘clean’ burn technology. Shell Mysella S5 N is specially developed to provide extended drain intervals in those natural gas engines where oil life is a limiting operational factor.

Performance, Features & Benefits

  1. Extended oil life. Significantly prolongs oil life relative to previous generation gas engine oils by resisting oxidation and nitration, viscosity increase and the formation of harmful acids, especially in demanding cogeneration (CHP) applications. (When used with landfill or biogases, oil life will be dependent on the level of contaminants in the gas.)
  2. Engine protection. Shell Mysella S5 N offers excellent control of deposits and piston cleanliness in advanced engine designs. Shell Mysella S5 N is formulated with low ash and low phosphorus offering extended life to valves and spark plugs and full compatibility with emission catalysts.
  3. System efficiency. Shell Mysella S5 N is designed to help prevent knocking and thereby enable engines to be run at full load and optimum efficiency and its viscosity control helps to minimise engine friction losses. Shell Mysella S5 N helps to provide excellent cleanliness for the heat recovery boilers, turbochargers and intercoolers thus allow total system to operate with consistent performance and efficiency over time.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Click  in below link :

TDS Shell Mysella S5 N 40

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Click in below link :

MSDS Shell Mysella S5 N 40


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