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Shell Helix HX3 1 L 20W – 50

SAE     : 10W – 40

API      : SL


Shell Helix HX3 1 L 20W – 50


Shell Helix HX3 20W – 50

Multi-grade motor oil – Reliable protection for older engine

Shell Helix HX3 helps provide reliable protection for older, high-mileage engines. It helps to prevent sludge and reduce wear. It is suitable for use where API SL/CF is recommended.

Performance, Features & Benefits

  1. Active Cleansing Technology. Helps to protect against harmful sludge and varnish deposits.
  2. Anti-wear additive. Provides reliable wear protection.
  3. High Viscosity. Helps to reduce leaks in older, high-mileage engines.
  4. Multi-fuel capability. Can be used for gasoline, diesel and gas engines.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Click  in below link :

TDS Shell Helix HX3 20W-50

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Click in below link :

MSDS Helix HX3 20W-50


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