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Shell Gadus S2 V220 AC-2 180 KG (1 Drum)

Shell Alvania Grease WR 2

Shell Alvania HD 2

Shell Retinax HD 2

Reliable Protection

Multi-purpose Applications


Shell Gadus S2 V220 AC-2 180 KG (1 Drum)


Shell Gadus S2 V220 AC 2

High Performance Multipurpose Extreme Pressure Grease

Shell Gadus S2 V220 AC greases are high quality multi-purpose greases based on high viscosity index mineral oil and a mixed lithium/calcium soap thickener. They contain extreme-pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives to enhance their performance in a wide range of applications.

Performance, Features & Benefits

  1. Excellent mechanical stability even under vibrating conditions. Consistency retained over long periods, even in conditions of severe vibration.
  2. Good corrosion resistance. Provides protection from the elements of corrosion.
  3. Extended life at moderate temperatures. Allows longer periods between maintenance schedules reducing down-time and grease consumption. Demonstrated to work in the field with re-greasing intervals above 30,000 km even for demanding applications such as transmission joints.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Click  in below link :

TDS Shell Gadus S2 V220AC-2

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Click in below link :

MSDS Shell Gadus S2 V220AC-2


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