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Shell Gadus S2 OG 85 180 KG (1 Drum)


Ferry Capitain


Shell Gadus S2 OG 85 180 KG (1 Drum)


Shell Gadus S2 OG-85

Superior Performance Open Gear Greases

Shell Gadus S2 OG greases are a range of premium quality lead and solvent free, full EP lubricants developed for the lubrication and protection of open gears and wire ropes subjected to extremes of ambient temperature and operating conditions.
They are a unique blend of high quality paraffinic mineral and synthetic base oils with carefully selected additives to provide optimum performance. Its balanced formulation allows the lubricant to stay soft and pliable over long periods, thus eliminating the build-up of lubricant in the roots of the gear teeth.

Performance, Features & Benefits

  1. Exceptional physical and mechanical stability. Shell Gadus S2 OG retains its natural protective properties over its long working life.
  2. Excellent anti-wear performance. At working temperatures, speeds and pressures, Shell Gadus S2 OG forms a protective cushion between the large gear (girth, bull etc) and pinion teeth.
  3. Superb load carrying capacity. Molybdenum disulphide and other solid lubricants combine to reduce tooth contact zone temperatures, reduce gear surface pitting and alleviate ‘stick-slip’ conditions.
  4. Water repellent. Effectively resists water ‘wash-off’ by immersion or spray.
  5. Corrosion protection. Protects metal surfaces from corrosion in hostile environments such as salt-water conditions. Repels dirt and dust.
  6. Environmental compliance. Lead and solvent haven’t been added intentionally to Shell Gadus S2 OG 85.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Click  in below link :

TDS Shell Gadus S2 OG 85

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Click in below link :

MSDS Shell Gadus S2 OG 85


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